Cat cafés are all the rage in Japan. There are about 100 cat cafés in Japan, of which at least 39 are located in Tokyo. The pioneer café Neko no Mise, opened by Hanada Norimasa, was opened back in 2005. 
From then, the idea of these special cafés took off, as many apartments in metropolitan Japan forbid pets, and people who experience stressful, lonely urban lives like the relaxing companionship of the furry hosts. 

Some of these cafés offer only specific types of cats, such as black cats, fat cats, cats of rare breeds, and ex-stray cats. But many of the cat cafés seek to raise awareness of cat welfare issues—such as abandoned and stray cats—and hope to give the felines a high quality of life. 

The cafés also comply with the strict regulations of Animal Protection Law; and ensure the cleanliness of the vicinity, and the good treatment of the animals—the cats are not allowed to be disturbed or ill-treated. 

Won’t it be nice to get a caffeine- and furry-fix at the same time? 
They say that the sense of smell triggers memories more than all the other senses combined. And if you can smell like a new Apple product, you should be able to smell like your favorite city too. 

Perfumer Gérald Ghislain and designer Magalie Sénéquier created perfume souvenirs that ‘catch the essence of your travel’. ‘The Scent of Departure’ are bottles of perfume that contain the ‘essence of cities’—so that you can relive and recall your travel destinations with just a whiff of the perfume. 

Ghislain and Sénéquier have curated the scents of places Abu Dhabi, Paris, Bali, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Milan, and the likes. 

We’re not sure whether the scents smell truly of the places they’re supposed to resemble—does New York really smell like green apples, lotus flowers, jasmine, lilac, rose petals, caramelized apples, white musk, vanilla and caramel, put together? 

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This would definitely be my first choice!


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Apologies for not blogging continuously.... just got busy and distracted with 'work' :-)
Here's an entry about the world of tattoos. A fan of ink myself, it's inspiring of how tattoos are integrated into everyday lives more and more, also that there is a wider acceptance of the body art than ever.
A British soldier's tattoo
My next one should be sweet like this...
Some people really take their time to decorate buildings, streets, street signs etc not for money or fame, just to express themselves. BRAVO! 

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Candy Chang is an artist who explores making cities more comfortable and contemplative places. She believes in the potential of public spaces for collective imagination and introspection to improve our communities and our personal well-being. She is a TED Senior Fellow, an Urban Innovation Fellow, and was named a “Live Your Best Life” Local Hero by Oprah Magazine. By combining street art with urban planning, social activism, and philosophy, she has been recognized as a leader in developing new strategies for the design of our cities.

Here are what people say about her wonderful & touching project:
“They’re the stuff of everyday life from people of all walks of life… Young or old, rich or poor, the [Before I Die] wall does make you think as you walk by.” --NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams

“Before I Die is merely one of the most creative community projects ever.” —The Atlantic

“Through a series of large-scale projects that combine installation art with social activism, Chang has encouraged people to engage with public spaces to let their voices be heard.” --O, The Oprah Magazine

“Death can inspire life. Especially in New Orleans, on the corner of Marigny and Burgundy, where the Before I Dieproject has used the specter of urban decay and death to create art and inspire. Using a boarded up house as a canvas, artist Candy Chang transformed a haunting reminder of blight and divestment into a powerful affirmation of human life and imagination.” – Life and Times